How to Make Paper Chain Wall Hanging

Monique Natalia

credited to Brittany Jepsen
Supplies :
  1. Colored papers (choose colors that you want to use)
  2. Paper cutter
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Wooden dowel

  • 1. Setting Up and Preparing the Supplies

  • 2. Slice the paper in pieces with dimensions 1/2″ (1,3 cm) x 3 1/2″ (8,9 cm)
  • You can always adjust the size bigger or smaller, it’s up to you.


    credited to Glitter Bubbles

  • 3. Follow the guide to create strands by overlapping about 1/2″ (1,3 cm) of each paper piece and securing with glue. Loop the next color through and secure with glue. Continue until you’ve completed a strand, and begin the next one.
  • You can continue with different colors, making an ombre effect or just being colorful. This is the part you use your creativity, how you want to make the paper chain looks pretty.


        credited to Glitter Bubbles

  • 4. Slide the strands onto a wooden dowel and hang on the wall!
  • Another tip, if you don’t have a wooden dowel lying around, you can always use a wood part of a broom, maybe you have that one old broom that just doesn't clean that well anymore. 

              credited to Glitter Bubbles

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