Fluidity and Boundaries | SS 2015

Monique Natalia

As part of the shortlisted Mazda’s Young and Vibrant Designer show, alex[a]lexa launched their Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. This season, Monique Soeriaatmadja, the Creative Director of the brand, was inspired by the dual contradicting properties of water. Calming and relaxing on the one hand, yet it can be so powerful that it can destroy whole cities. It flows yet it can be contained. This concept of duality is what inspired the self taught designer to create pieces like the exaggerated A line silhouette, with structured side panels and a more fluid centre panel. Soothing water textures of the ocean and of swimming pool are printed on pants, tops, and dresses in panels to accentuate the concept further. To further play with the prints, the designer also drew inspiration from surrealism, particularly Rene Magritte’s Delusions of Grandeur and created surreal cubes of water to adorn a sculptural dress and skirt.