Where We’ve Been in 2011

alexalexa at Fimela Fest

The year 2011 was a great year, it was the year we finally started selling our collection. The first was our line of signature square dress which we sold at One Sunday Market in Kemang. One type of products with 8 different color combos.

The next one was when we soft launched our spring/summer 2012 collection at Fimela Fest flea market at Grand Indonesia, also organized by the good people at One Sunday.

Since early December we have also been stocked at http://www.donotbreak.com and it’s such an honor to be stocked there with brands that have been our favorite as well such as 16 DS, Satcas, Nikicio, Jewel Rocks, and many others. Go ahead visit us here for our newest products.

All in all, in our short time existing in 2011 we had so much fun, and looking forward to even more fun in 2012

Photo by: Talisha Amanda

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